Office A

About this Space

Situated adjacent to Space 2, this Production Office has direct access to King Bench Street via a dedicated coridoor. Suitable as a Company or Stage Management office, this space is ideally suited for use with Space 2.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions:(W) 3.5m x (L) 5m x (H) 3.1m
  • Climate:Heating
    Air Conditioning
  • Lighting:Natural Outside Light
    Natural LED lighting
  • Power8 x Wall double 13amp sockets
  • Communications:1x Phone with dedicated phone number (outgoing calls billed at end of hire period)
  • Flooring:Blue non slip vinyl
  • Included Accessories:2x Tables
    Seating for 6 comfortably
  • Access:Single door step free access to Kings Bench Street, via Reception
  • Security:Lockable Door
    6x Secure eye bolts for laptop tethering
    1x Safe with user defined pin code
  • Security:WiFi Access (dedicated passcode to be supplied at commence of hire)
    Use of Photocopier located in Reception (to be billed separately at the end of hire period) 5p B&W, 10p colour

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